Minggu, 04 September 2011

Communication Skills

Comunication skills are the abilities to send and recieve information, thoughts, feelings, and atiitudes. The ten managerial roles assume that managers have at least basic written, oral, and nonverbal communication skills. Because managers spend a large portion of their time communicating, recruiters look for people who can communicate effectively. A common complaint is that profesional program in universities spend too much time developing student’s technical skills and not enough time developing their communication skills. In fact the importance of good commuication skills cannot be stressed enough. At a time when organization increasingly expect employees to work with minimal supervision and to show more initiative competent communication skills are becoming a must.

            The need to productively emploey workers of both sexes and varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds puts a further premium on communication. Manging diversity, after all, isn’t just adapting to the new realities of the U.S. labor force, it also means ensuring that all workers contribute their best ideas and efforts in an intensely competitive global arena. But it isn’t always easy to evaluate the qualifications and performance of workers whose cultural background and languages are unfailiar to you. The following insught lists some pitfalls to avoid in communicating with a diverse group of people.


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