Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Duties of Top Managers

            Pressures and demands on top managers can be intens. Tightly schedules workdays, heavy travel requirements, and work weeks of sixty or more hours are common. During a typical day a top manager disposes of thirty six pieces of mail, handles five telephone calls an hour, and goes to eight meetings. A true break is a luxury: coffee is swallowed on the run, and lunch is often eaten during meeting with other managers, business associates, community representatives, or goverment officials. When there is some free time, eager subordinates vie for share of it.

            A top manager may spend days and nights working for the company. One night is spent working late at the office and another entertaining business associates. On other nights the typical top manager goes to his or her home, not to relax, but to use it as a branch office. Many recreational activities and social events are arranged for business purpose. Thus, the top manager seldom stops thingking about the job or playing the roles it demands. Such an approach to time management may succed in getting the work done, but it also creates stress in most families.


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