Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Duties of First-Line Managers

             Newly appointed first-line manager have much to learn. New first line managers learn to plan and schedule the work formerly laid out for them and not wait for orders. In the process they must also learn how their group fits into the total organization and how to share staff services and how to share staff services with another managers.
            First line managers usually need strong technical skill to teach subordinates and supervise day-to-day tasks. Effective first line managers learn to “lean on” their technical expertise. Sometimes, though, a first-line manager is a recent collage graduate, responsible for work of both hourly workers and professional. This type of first-line manager is likely to have less hands-on experience.this is not a problem if the manager has good interpersonal skills, which include the abilities to communicate with diverse type of people, to coach and counsel subordinates, and to provide constructive feedback.
            Since most of you will start your managerial careers as the first-line managers, the following insight will give you a look at how a typical first-line managers spends her day.


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